Shantell Martin is a public speaker, curator,  philosopher, cultural facilitator, teacher, choreographer, songwriter, performer, and more. From fashion and celebrity collaborations to positions at MIT Media Lab, NYU Tisch ITP, Columbia University’s Brown Institute, and choreographing a ballet at the Boston Ballet, Shantell’s drawn LINE constantly evolves. Creating new connections between fine art, education, design, philosophy, and technology, Shantell explores themes such as intersectionality, identity, and play. 


In addition to prestigious solo shows at some of the most renowned art institutions including the 92Y Gallery in New York City, the iconic Albright Knox Gallery, and the New Britain Museum of American Art, Shantell has carved a path for herself that is as much intellectual as a producer and visual artist. At the Brown Institute for Media Innovation, she created a large-scale wall installation and worked with the Institute’s research group to explore how visual and computerized storytelling might influence media and technology innovation. At the NYU Tisch ITP (Interactive Telecommunications Program), she worked with her students to push the boundaries of storytelling, visual art, and technology.


A fashion and design icon in her own right, Shantell collaborated with iconic brands such as Vitra, Max Mara, Tiffany & Co, B&B Italia, and in 2021 The North Face launched a Shantell collection featuring her drawings inspired by pieces from their Search & Rescue archive. Shantell also collaborated with legendary artists such as Pulitzer Prize-winning performance artist Kendrick Lamar and acclaimed designer Kelly Wearstler. In 2019, she created large-scale drawings in the performance hall and foyer of the Lincoln Center for the company’s celebrated Art Series in collaboration with the prestigious New York City Ballet.

Some notable awards Shantell received are Central Saint Martin's/UAL Honorary Award, the highest award the institution grants (2023), 92Y, Extraordinary Women Award (2019), Shorty Award - Best in Art (2019), MoCADA Museum - Artist Advocacy Award (2017), and the Intel Women Who Spark Award - Women in Technology (2015, Awarded by People Magazine, People en Español, and ESSENCE Magazine, in partnership with Intel Corp)


Shantell has also made numerous media appearances from live performances on the Main Stage at Adobe Max, a TED Talk to performing with Kendrick Lamar at Art Basel, Miami.


As she increasingly incorporates meditative intuition into her artistic practice, Shantell hopes to teach others how to find their own LINES to inevitably find their own PATH. Her distinctive style is one of confidence. It is a confidence that has grown over time. People could look at her lines and say, "Well, I can do that" and she would reply, "Yes, you can." Knowing the many benefits of creativity on mental health and personal growth and how those benefits radiate out into all spheres of one's life and the World. Shantell has made a line distinctively hers. Now, Shantell uses her art practice not just as a passive way to create objects to admire but as an active way to teach others how to create a line that is recognizably their own.


For more details on all her awards and accolades, click here for her formal CV.


The relationship between an artist and collector should be just that... a relationship. 


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Public Works


Branding & Design by Anton & Irene with love

The  May  Room  witnesses  a  wedding


On August 20th, 2022 The May Room on Governors Island witnessed a beautiful marriage ceremony between Brandon Stirling Baker and Libby Stadstad.

Shantell Martin designed the space with the hope and intention of creating a space for freedom, poetry, and contemplation, so it's fitting that it is now also a space for love. Brandon recently collaborated on Kites, Shantell's choreographic debut for the Boston Ballet, bringing a wealth of mesmerizing light to the stage.

Wedding photos by Erin Baiano. Last image by Rosalie O’Connor Photography, courtesy of Boston Ballet. In the photo are Abigail Merlis, Tyson Clark, and John Lam.