Shantell Martin, a multifaceted artist known for her work across various disciplines, has achieved notable success in the realms of fine art, education, design, philosophy, and technology. Her journey includes collaborations with prestigious institutions such as MIT Media Lab, NYU Tisch ITP, and Columbia University’s Brown Institute, as well as choreographing for the Boston Ballet. Martin's art explores themes like intersectionality, identity, and play, and she has showcased her work in solo exhibitions at renowned galleries, including the 92Y Gallery in New York, Albright Knox Gallery, and the New Britain Museum of American Art. Her involvement in media and technology innovation, particularly at the Brown Institute for Media Innovation, highlights her role in integrating visual art with storytelling and technology.

Shantell Martin's influence extends into fashion and design, collaborating with brands like Vitra, Max Mara, Tiffany & Co, and The North Face, which launched a collection featuring her designs. Her partnerships with celebrated figures such as Kendrick Lamar and Kelly Wearstler further underscore her impact in the art world. Martin's accolades include the Central Saint Martin's/UAL Honorary Award, the 92Y Extraordinary Women Award, and the Shorty Award for Best in Art, among others. Renowned for her distinctive style and meditative approach to art, Martin is not only a creator but also a mentor, teaching others to find their unique artistic paths and advocating for the benefits of creativity in enhancing mental health and personal growth.


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At the core of art lies a special bond - a genuine relationship between the artist and the collector.


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Public Works


Branding & Design by Anton & Irene with love

537 East Delavan Avenue
537 East Delavan Avenue, Buffalo, NY


The artwork, a sprawling network of stark black line-drawings set against a white backdrop, occupies the 200-foot north-facing wall of the former Houdaille plant at 537 East Delavan Ave.


The first step towards the rebirth for one of Buffalo's historically neglected neighborhoods the East Side's Northland Corridor, Shantell Martin's drawing "Dance Every Day" is a signal of things to come for the long-struggling community. Much of the plant will be demolished as part of a $42 million Buffalo Billion-funded revamp of the Northland Corridor into a hub for light industry and commerce that is being run by the Buffalo Urban Development Corporation. The work is the product of a collaboration between the Albright-Knox Art Gallery's public art program and the University at Buffalo's fledgling Creative Arts Initiative. 

"Dance Every Day", Martin's largest ever public art piece, was completed over a weekend in June. In that time, she worked with Buffalo artist Scott Bye and used several cans of spray-paint to transform the whitewashed wall into what many are seeing as a joyful reflection of a neighborhood creaking slowly back to life.

"What I do is playful. I feel like a big kid. What I do, I love it, and I enjoy it," she said. "And even if I come in in a bad mood, like 10 minutes later, I'm in a really great mood because I'm doing something I love. And I think people should do more of that."


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