Band  of  Vices  WAVES


Shantell Martin is proud to announce her upcoming solo exhibition WAVES at Band of Vices in Los Angeles, California. ( Jan 25 - Feb 22, 2020) . 

"So many things affect our ability to connect with who we are, but at any given moment, one does have the ability to come back to one's self. It sounds almost superbly simple, and sometimes it is, and sometimes it isn't. But I've also learned that Time has a fundamental role to play in the act of becoming itself. So I do see the waves of time as being something to acknowledge and value. To be patient. To ride and then rest... and in this surrender understanding how it serves not just yourself or your work as an artist but the world around you." - Shantell Martin. 

Inspired by the ever changing relationship with one's own identity, Shantell's inquisitive, bold, and playful work is saturated with both personal and universal meaning and thoughtfully featured in WAVES.

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