New  Podcast:  What's  the  Point.


There has always been curiosity about the purpose of art. Why do people create? To explore this topic, some of the most creative artists were gathered to engage in one-on-one conversations with Shantell Martin. Now, you can listen in, featuring an incredible lineup of LA-based artists.

The brand new podcast, What’s the Point, has officially launched on all major podcast platforms! Take a moment to listen and subscribe for new episodes weekly.

What’s the Point is recorded at Spotify Studios in Los Angeles. Grant Alexander Peters does the theme music, engineering, and editing. Vern Molidor and Joyce Adams work on research and pre-show preparation. Alexis Conners designed the logotype, with additional design/support by Jade Catta Preta, Neil Francisco, and Carly Rosenberger.

Artist pictured above: Hebru Brantley, Ozzie Juarez, Maysha Mohamedi and Samantha McCurdy.