Blanche  and  Shantell's  Wildest  adventure  at  The  FUTURE


Shantell Martin and her dog Blanche, a rescued Havanese/Poodle mix, were featured in The Wildest, where Martin discussed Blanche’s role as a guard dog and muse. 

“I don’t know. I feel like she makes me happy, so I feel like she’s inspired my happiness on some levels, which perhaps inspired my work. I’m sure you have this, where you just look over and you just watch them. I think in a way that inspires feeling calm or peaceful or happy just by watching them be or even sleep sometimes. They’re not even doing anything, but I think that that in itself is kind of inspiring.”

Enjoy some pictures from their photoshoot at Martin’s Subliminal Project’s show, THE FUTURE, where they were both on their best behavior.

Photography by Kimberly M. Wang for an interview with "The Wildest," a publication about pet parenting and all things pet.

Photos: © Kimberly M. Wang | @eardogfoto |