Making  travel  more  Fun


Shantell Martin often asks the deep philosophical question “Who Are You?” You might not be able to answer that question just yet but your luggage can assuredly state who it belongs to with this fun new  Various Keytags. As a regular traveller, Shantell is always looking for ways to creatively identify her luggage, which led her to want to create her own series of tags. 

"For those who travel, it's always exciting to recognize something as yours, especially in a playful creative way. This collection features bold tags for people to easily recognize their luggage, wherever they may go." - Shantell Martin

This current series of Luggage Tag Editions is a continuation of a series of Various Keytags, the first being for the Whitney Museum Shop. It is being thought of as a slow roll-out of thoughts in a series of small numbered Editions with occasional releases throughout the year. 


“Why shouldn’t everything be this fun!? Working with Shantell feels like that moment when the sun bursts through the clouds. It is an emotional state change, it is warmth and a reflexive smile. These Limited-Edition Shantell Martin x Various Keytags Luggage Tags are a simple burst of freshness in the form of a highly collectable Edition to greet you in the baggage claim area and let you, and everyone, know you have arrived! “ - Brian Janusiak, founder of Various Keytags.

There are three different Editions, one colour each, and each in a Limited Edition of 50 and is available on