THE  FUTURE  to  Open  at  Shepard  Fairey's  SUBLIMINAL  PROJECTS


Shepard Fairey's Subliminal Projects is pleased to present THE FUTURE, a site-specific installation and a series of new works by multidisciplinary artist Shantell Martin.  

Creating and appreciating art is uniquely intrinsic to the human experience. However, Martin questions the cultural value of art that has evolved under the weight of societal classism. This forces us collectively to ask: What and who is art for? 

Unfortunately, we find that art is too often reserved for the privileged and historically excluded from the curriculum of underserved minority communities, leaving artists feeling disconnected from the very communities they seek to engage with. THE FUTURE is Martin’s plea to those who create, commodify and consume art to mindfully converse and question the intentions and true value of art. As we move further away from engaging in meaningful interactions, while also taking into account current global events and the challenges that humanity faces, the time for the future of art is NOW. 

“I hope to inspire us to look deep, converse deeper, support, protect, empower, connect, and value art and the artists who dedicate their lives to their craft, in honor of the past, in reflection of the present, and in hope for a better future. “ - Shantell Martin

The opening reception is Saturday, May 7th from 7-10 pm. The exhibit runs May 4th - June 4th at Subliminal Projects, 1331 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA.