The  Importance  of  Conversation


Shantell Martin will drop her latest collection of NFTs "The Importance of Conversation" on January 29th (6:30 p.m. EST) on Nifty Gateway This series delves into the question: What’s the purpose of Art? In her typical style, Martin asks the viewer to converse with the art and ultimately with themselves. Animated by the talented Ben Sheppee, Martin’s solo drawings come alive with movement and sound. 

“Through this collection, I hope to expand on the purpose of art and creativity. For me, true art is the application of creativity. Art is about creating and actively engaging in conversation. Conversations that create connections, a deeper understanding of oneself and the outside world, shift perceptions and ultimately lead to undeniable growth and lasting positive change. Change that benefits, not just a select few but ALL. ” - Shantell Martin

“The Importance of Conversation” collection includes a one-of-one NFT that includes a personal conversation with Shantell Martin herself and a series of editioned works that all have a meaning rooted in Conversation & Connection. 

In tandem with "The Importance of Conversation", Shantell Martin and Jon Bergamen will drop a joint collection of NFT's "Let's Draw Together" on Nifty Gateway.  “Let’s Draw Together” is a collection of NFTs celebrating the collaborative nature of friendships between artists. In three simple words we have an invitation and the first steps of a journey that highlights the unique qualities and process of each artist and the complementary ways they can be intertwined to create something entirely new and, quite possibly, impossible to create outside of collaboration.