Time  to  Focus


Shantell Martin's first collaboration of 2023 is one that will get you in the mood to focus! Shantell wanted to create a candle that encourages clarity and focus, whether for yourself or others.

The classic candle is a gift of self-reflection and burns for approximately 50 hours (3000 minutes) - designed to help create a sense of calm and dedicated time to focus on a project or large task at hand. 

The scents begin with cyclamen and shaded green tea and take you on a fun journey.

The special edition candle is unique in so many ways. Shantell took lessons from Joya's in-house candle maker, Maria, to learn about paint brushes, finishes, and techniques so that she could experiment with different layers and textures on the surface and she even ended up using white gold in some areas of the final drawings.

This special edition three-wick candle is the gift of approximately 145 hours a.k.a. 8700 minutes of focus time. Each layer (total of three) burns for approximately 48 hours a.k.a. 2900 minutes.

Each special edition porcelain vessel contains an even more complex layered wax process that allows for two different scents to activate together while burning–twice. Each distinctive scent is released after a specific lapse of time and helps to indicate a specific time marker. 

"My wish is that these candles can burn in the background during your creative process, much like a playlist, invigorating your senses and bringing you back to self." - Shantell Martin

To bring this concept to life Shantell collaborated with one of the best candle makers out there, Joya, who are based in Brooklyn, NY.