From early beginnings with live performance drawing in the mega clubs of Tokyo, to her trademark continuous line, Martin's diverse work navigates many worlds.
Whitney Museum of American Art
99 Gansevoort St, New York, NY 10014


Artist Shantell Martin & the Whitney Museum Shop collaborate on series of first ever’s.

New York

Shantell Martin has collaborated with the Whitney Museum Shop to create LINE by SHANTELL MARTIN, a collection of unique objects by various makers and available exclusively from the Whitney Shop in-store and online. Martin’s signature visual style uses bold, improvisational lines to draw connections between identity and belonging, expectations and experiences, and the artist and audience. Lines connect, define and communicate, both literally and figuratively, and with LINE by SHANTELL MARTIN, the artist has created new products that explore lines in unexpected ways. Martin’s incisive voice and style come together and invite audiences into her vision. This collaboration marks the first time that the Whitney Shop has invited an artist to develop and select products around a specific theme.


The shop’s ground-floor glass-enclosed space welcomes visitors to the Museum with an over 15-foot-wide and 10-foot-tall hand-painted rendering of Martin’s newly created designs to frame not only the array of exclusive products but the sun setting over the Hudson River.

“This has been an incredible journey with the Whitney Shop. I’ve always been obsessed with exploring the line between art and product and getting an opportunity to dive deeper into this has been really inspiring,” said MartinProducts included in the LINE by SHANTELL MARTIN collection include a custom-scented Nomad Noé fragrance candle that invites the owner to celebrate their own drawing; a limited edition poster featuring “Kindness Is A Better Way Forward” line drawing; a series of editions by Martin crafted by Brooklyn based Lite Brite Neon Studio; t-shirts by EVERYBODY.WORLD with a newly created print by Martin; a black and white cotton blanket with the artist’s signature “Who Are You, You Are You” phrase on both sides; and “Lines I Like,” a postcard book featuring works from the Whitney’s collection chosen by Martin, among other products.

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“A line is not only a basic building block of art but also represents our connection to each other. Now more than ever, lines can divide people, but they also work as a lifeline to bring us together,” remarked Lauri London Freedman, Head of Product Development for the Whitney Shop. “An overarching message of connection and kindness runs through each of Martin’s drawings and phrases, and her ideas are graphicly woven together by a bold use of strong lines. 

The ever-present motif of faces also creates a sense of community within our new-not-normal. This is highlighted with her all-gender and a roomy single-sized T-shirt featuring Always With Me.”